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Equal Training in Aikido

How often should I train? There are a million in one studies put out by academics on what the best balance of workout and rest might be. Some of those are places like Johns Hopkins and Towson University. The general advice, is training 2-3 times a week with lighter exercise in between is probably best for most people. We have classes 4 days a week to help the people of Baltimore find the best time to work out with us, during those 2-3 days they should be training. You want to get into the habit of seeing all of life as training though, even the times you are not sweating and rolling on the mat. Training in Aikido is about more than just the physical portion, so even taking advantage of our acupuncture discount through the Strength & Vitality Wellness Center can help you holistically.

This sort of holistic model of training is hard, we leave the dojo and likely get caught back into the crazy lives many of us live on a day to day basis. Leaving Ft. Washington, heading to Towson, we realize along the way that we have 100 emails that need our attention RIGHT NOW. This is a good time to train your mind. Recognize the stress, recognize the responsibilities that you have waiting for you. When you can do so safely and with patience, attend to the responsibilities you have. Do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by those responsibilities though. Recognize that they are a part of your existence but they do not represent everything about you. This clarity of vision can be strengthened through and from practice in Aikido.

When you are rolling on the mat, you may realize that something outside of your physical training is impacting you. Recognize these moments. You may, at times, need to take a break and center yourself, take care of the issue that is weighing you down and then return to training. If you are becoming frustrated by your training, make sure you take the time to recognize if it is not something else that is distracting you instead. Martial arts are not always easy, and aikido can be particularly demanding of your patience due to the nature of interaction with partners, and working through and with them to train correctly. Train regularly, and with discipline, but also recognize when it is sensible to move oneself toward training that may not occur on the mat. Taking the time to heal your body and mind will only allow you to learn more and gain in skill. Aikido is a holistic martial art for this very reason that it takes into consideration the importance of mind and body as equal partners.

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What Members of Falls Road Aikido Have to Say:

"My training in Kinokawa Aikido has been one of the most influential experiences of my life. Real and honest budo training has allowed me to become thoughtfully calm and patient in my everyday experiences. Effortless and unexpected power are now regular companions of my being. It is a true honor to share this amazing martial art with the people who choose to show up on the mat week after week and year after year. I welcome anyone who would like to live with more grace to stop by roll around on the mat with us."

Sempai Cara-Michele Nether July 2, 2015

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