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Fitness in the New Year

Many people begin a new year with a resolution, and most of those people make their commitment to some for of exercise or another. Keeping a focus on health is important, but it shouldn’t just be during the month of January. If you can develop a plan that fits within your own life that puts you on track to good health and fitness, then it should be a part of your entire year.

The Health and Fitness Boosts of Aikido

How do you formulate a realistic and manageable plan to exercise more? If you haven’t been practicing regularly, then it may be hard to get into the habit. However (and luckily), there are a lot of options that will promote your physical and mental health from which you can choose. One option, naturally, is Aikido: “Aikido’s emphasis on proper breathing, balance, and posture results in the steady improvement of physical and mental conditioning in one’s daily life, and provides a sense of being energized and centered.”

If you’ve never participated in a martial art before, there’s no need to feel intimidated. The concept behind Aikido was to eliminate a sense of competition within the practice, to encourage, to support, and to help to grow. In short, Aikido is centered around positive concepts and in growing within oneself, so there isn’t meant to be any comparison with the development of others. Everyone learns and progresses at their own pace and in their own way, unlike some other forms of fitness.

Aikido “can be loosely translated as the ‘Way of harmonizing with the universe.'” What better way to begin the new year than to try and fit oneself within the scheme of the universe? It sounds like a lofty goal, but any goal begins with a few beginning steps. Since a lot of other people may be using this time of year to improve themselves in a similar way, it may be even easier to work toward these health goals. Isn’t it easier to get something done if you’re surrounded by others who are of a like mind?

“Aikido practices soon becomes aerobic workouts:” this makes sense, considering that Aikido is, in fact, a physical art. Like any exercise, it may be difficult, and it may not show the results you want at first, but time and practice will get you there. It will become easier to go through the routines and you will find that you have more energy than ever. It’s also said that the practices cultivates a deeper concentration in all things, which is particularly important as people age and have difficulty with their memory.

The bottom line is that Aikido can offer a variety of health benefits and comes with no consequences. The art can be practiced by people of all ages and with any level of experience. At the very least, you should look into the experiences of others to hear their perspective if you have been considering getting involved yourself. To learn more about how Aikido can benefit your fitness in 2017, get in touch with Falls Road Aikido. Falls Road Aikido provides the best Baltimore Aikido and martial arts training in Towson and Mt. Washington, MD.


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What Members of Falls Road Aikido Have to Say:

"My training in Kinokawa Aikido has been one of the most influential experiences of my life. Real and honest budo training has allowed me to become thoughtfully calm and patient in my everyday experiences. Effortless and unexpected power are now regular companions of my being. It is a true honor to share this amazing martial art with the people who choose to show up on the mat week after week and year after year. I welcome anyone who would like to live with more grace to stop by roll around on the mat with us."

Sempai Cara-Michele Nether July 2, 2015

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