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Staying Fit Necessary to Overall Health

It may seem like a “no-brainer” that staying fit and engaging in physical activity is a crucial piece of being healthy, but it may be less obvious how to include this as a part of daily life. Read on to learn more about the importance of exercise in one form or another on an every day basis.

A Daily Effort to Work Toward Staying Fit

Physical activity comes with a dozen or more benefits, including “decreased risk of disease… better sleep… and living up to five years longer.” Once you find a reason to keep up with a daily practice of exercise, you’ll the need to be sure to actually work staying fit every day int your schedule. If the routine doesn’t work for you, then don’t give up: instead, trying something new!

If you think you’re in fine physical shape, then you should consider the positive effects that staying fit has on your emotional and mental well-being. “According to studies, [it] brings ‘a sense of purpose and value… as well as stronger relationships and social connectedness.” Whether this is a direct result of the positive physical effects or a separate result is unclear, but it’s obvious that there are rewards to gain if you find the time to be active.

In a world run rampant with mental illness, making an effort toward staying fit can also reduce the symptoms/effects of conditions such as anxiety and depression. Many people with the latter have difficulty starting, though, and lack the energy to begin a workout. This is where you would to find an activity that engages your mind more (like Aikido) to get the physical benefits while also feeling more motivated to practice.

Earlier was the mention of reducing the probability of disease, and this is just another of the benefits of staying fit. The risk of “heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis,” and so much more can be reduced with regular bouts of exercise and simply by moving your body. Since many Americans work in “desk job” situations these days, sitting for close to the full 8-hour day, there is a great need for a heavier focus on this subject. After all, “increased sitting” brings with it all of the risks that are reduced by regular physical activity, such as high blood pressure and many others. Scarily enough, it’s said that our cultural sitting habit is more dangerous for us than smoking.

Whatever your age or situation, there are a lot of rewards to be reaped if you stay active. Physical and mental gains, as well as a longer life, are within your reach if you can find some way of staying fit that works with your lifestyle. If you think that practicing Aikido may be that solution for you, then get in touch with Falls Road Aikido. Falls Road Aikido provides the best Baltimore Aikido and martial arts training in Towson and Mt. Washington, MD.


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What Members of Falls Road Aikido Have to Say:

"My training in Kinokawa Aikido has been one of the most influential experiences of my life. Real and honest budo training has allowed me to become thoughtfully calm and patient in my everyday experiences. Effortless and unexpected power are now regular companions of my being. It is a true honor to share this amazing martial art with the people who choose to show up on the mat week after week and year after year. I welcome anyone who would like to live with more grace to stop by roll around on the mat with us."

Sempai Cara-Michele Nether July 2, 2015

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