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Strength & Vitality at Falls Road Aikido

Do you know that Falls Road Aikido is a subsidiary of Strength & Vitality Wellness Center (formerly Women in Wellness)? Well, now you know, but why are we telling you? Strength & Vitality Wellness Center is a great support system for those who come to the Falls Road Aikido in Baltimore. Martial arts are a great exercise and workout, but it helps to unwind, relax, and center your mind at the same time. As you know, this is an essential part of Aikido, and our students get a discount at the Center. What do those benefits look like?

1) The Sauna

The first benefit to know about is our sauna. The sauna is an excellent pain relief system and assistant for helping toxins leave the body. Our sauna is a Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna that is believed to be seven times more effective than your traditional sauna, due to the infrared technology. There are very few saunas like this in Towson, Baltimore, or anywhere in the Ft. Washington area. This technology helps to safely raise your core temperature 2-3 degrees, helping expel toxins, rather than just heating them up like in a traditional sauna environment. The Sauna is also Renewably-sourced, and made from Earth-Friendly wood. It also features a premium Blaupunkt sound system with MP3 input, so you can jam along with your favorite tunes, or relax deeper with meditative music. The sauna allows you to detox, relieve pain, and relax on a deeper level than you could on your own. Why visit another gym’s sauna when you can do it here?

2) Nutrition Advice and Support

Proper nutrition is important for anyone training in the martial arts, and particularly important to the holistic mindset and vision of Aikido. Instead of just hitting the Whole Foods in Ft. Washington and calling it good, our staff can help you learn how to eat healthy, lose weight, feel good, and be proactive about the management of your health. Out students are eligible for a free consultation and we encourage you to do so. We focus on creating a whole food diet program, one that limits or eliminates pre-processed foods from your diet. You’ll learn how to strengthen your immunity and feel more energized, you’ll learn to curb junk food cravings, and you’ll see an improvement in your digestive system.

3) Baltimore Acupuncture

Last, and certainly not least of the benefits for our students here at Falls Road Aikido is the discount on our acupuncture services. Aikido is about the movement of energy and the interaction between people and the energy they transfer between each other through contact. Acupuncture will assist you in restoring and ensuring an internal harmony of internal energy. Acupuncture has been show to help reduce back and joint pain, and help to reduce stress, including PTSD. There are other providers of acupuncture in Baltimore, but at the Strength &Vitality Wellness Center we offer a comprehensive care approach that lines up with our goals for Falls Road Aikido. We talk a lot about holistic training, and we need to ensure that we include holistic healing in that line of thinking. We offer a free consultation and we hope you take us up on that offer.

We look forward to helping you succeed in your martial arts training and in your holistic health services as well.

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What Members of Falls Road Aikido Have to Say:

"My training in Kinokawa Aikido has been one of the most influential experiences of my life. Real and honest budo training has allowed me to become thoughtfully calm and patient in my everyday experiences. Effortless and unexpected power are now regular companions of my being. It is a true honor to share this amazing martial art with the people who choose to show up on the mat week after week and year after year. I welcome anyone who would like to live with more grace to stop by roll around on the mat with us."

Sempai Cara-Michele Nether July 2, 2015

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Falls Road Aikido is a Strength & Vitality Company.
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